When we regard money as energy, we begin to see it’s a mirror for the way we earn and spend our life force energy, what some practitioners call ‘chi’.
As individuals, we carry our embodied beliefs and stories about money at the chakra level, suggesting the notes and tones for working with the chakras, and the way the chakra level vibrations may be showing up in our relationship with money, both spending and earning.
When we regard money as energy, we begin to see it’s a mirror for the way we earn and spend our life force energy, what some practitioners call ‘chi’. If we can access the information we have stored in our bodies about our relationship with money, we can release those beliefs we carry which no longer serve us.
Information directly related to one’s ability to sustainably grow and flow money and resources to one’s person is located at each of the seven chakras, creating a personal ecological body-mindset.
Low vibrations blocking flow can be released to more fully embody the soul’s essence, live from core values and move forward in service to humanity. When we activate and engage the chakras consciously, we activate, engage, and re-encode the information about money and business stored in the body.
The human body has an electromagnetic field which vibrates and fluctuates at different levels which can manifest as colors. In turn, colors at the chakra level represent vibrational levels in one’s electromagnetic field, with each vibration offering insight into particular meanings each person holds in that part of the body. Our auras are created as we relate to the world around us.
Over years of dance, practice and working with money as energy, I’ve learned that when we change our belief and act from it, we can change our encoding in the body and raise our vibration.
Today, I invite you to explore your relationship with money, through movement. As you do so, please open to receive the concepts which vibrate at each chakra, and ways they inform your life, and consider the essential function of these energy centers as portals into your deeper work with money.
Here are the seven primary chakras, working from the base to the crown, and the corresponding money concept which vibrates at that level.
What does your root chakra need to anchor you firmly, situate your home, nourish your manifestation power? The themes associated with manifestation include those of drama, boundaries, survival, and physical needs such as food, shelter and sleep. (Tribal music)
What does your sacral chakra need ensure fluidity to keep you open and adaptable to change? What do you need to experience wholeness? The themes associated with abundance include resentment and gratitude, sexuality, sensuality, and emotions. (Serpentine belly dance music)
What types of relationships do you need to attract into your life in order to accomplish your goals? What or who do you need to release? The themes associated with sovereignty held in the solar plexus include the ability to exercise discernment, measure fairness in matters of judgment, balance surrender and control, exercise will, act independently, shoulder responsibility, and plan for the future. (Warrior movements to fiery music)
Money as Energy
What does your heart have to tell you about deservability for your simple desires and needs? Where do you need to open to create feelings of love and good will in your life? The themes associated with money as energy include flow of prosperity, synchronicity, symbol, the ability to give and receive love, and a relationship with money that embodies heart energy. (Whirling, soaring music)
Creativity in Communication
What does your throat chakra say about how you give voice or not give voice to your feelings, ideas, sorrows, hurts, accomplishments, and wishes? The themes associated with creativity in communication include the understanding that words have power, and the ability to listen, speak and find your own voice. (Interweave chanting and dance)
How do I open myself to clear vision so that I may choose the physical reality my Higher Self and I wish to manifest, and move forward from Source? The themes associated with intuition include visualization, imagination, and psychic vision, all of which are necessary tools when making business and money decisions from the feminine. (Ecstatic, meditative or trance dance)
Alignment with Source
How do I surrender, or let go, of the many ways I separate myself from spiritual awareness so I may open to a larger universal identity? In matters of money and business, if we are out of alignment with source and our own life force, we may struggle unduly. The themes associated with Source alignment are awareness, perspective spiritual wisdom, and enlightenment. (Slow, meditative movement bordering on stillness)
Conscious movement is a means to access inner knowing at the chakra level.  When we work with the energetic vibration of our relationship to money at the chakra level, we literally begin to create the change we want to see in our relationship with the way we use our life force energy working from the inside out.

Of course, feel free to use freeform intentional dance with other types of mindfulness practice. Writing, creation journaling or visualization helps capture your insights and enhance and shift your personal vibration with money, in business, relationships, or any area of life.

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