Mystery School

The Priestess Scribe Mystery School emerges from an archetype as expressed by the Sumerian Enhuduanna. This high priestess was a poet, transformed the politics of her day, the head of a school for female scribes, and became the first person to sign her own name to her work. We also note the influence of the Egyptian Seshat with her lotus-wand stylus; and the priestess scribes of names both known and forgotten, of the ancient past and future yet to come. - Sherri

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Here's a brief outline of what's in development:

Mummer’s Dance: a divine feminine guide to the writing process

1. Self Discovery – entering the stream of consciousness

2. Creation Discovery (Images and the unconscious)

3. Self Development (thematic cupping)

4. A call to transformation – listening to the divine within and learning to dance it in

5. Mummer’s Dance – How I became a priestess essay

6. The Emergence Embrace – What next?

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The dance of writing: Women's lives as living mythologies

1. Storytelling dynamics (plotting the line of the personal story)

2. The Personal Story as Mythology

3. Narcissus and the mirror effect of copywriting

4. Figurative language (and emotional appeals)

5. Syren’s song as call to action (emotional response/decision)

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Juno Moneta and the Art of Moving Mountains

Manifestation, Money and Writing for Change

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